TAZEBAO Hybrid Ecosystem by [epidemiC]

Hybrid ecosystem is an ecologist view to the dynamic system consisting of an augmented space in which activities of people with various artifacts in geographical locations using participatory social software create a feedback loop to this space that influences the evolution of communities and determines their interaction in this space.

TAZEBAO will search for the device coordinates at the program start, then query the server for all the messages present in the device proximity. Messages are shown ordered by distance.Tazebuzzer can change the distance range using the slider in the top bar. Search messages by word is possible using the search tool in the top bar. Nicknames must be used to send messages. They aren't unique or definitive. Tapping on the message will allow chatting, no friendship required, touching for a longer time will select it. Messages will expire in a couple of days, so do all the related chats.

TAZEBAO will not ask for registration, because it doesn't have one. Registration does not exist. Profiling is useless.


Is TZB a social network?
Not exactly. It's social from scratch.

Does TZB profile my user data?
TZB will not profile by design.

Can I have friends on TZB?
Not virtually. You must be able to walk.

Is TZB an alternative to Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp?
TZB is not for alternative, it's just a different thing.

Is TZB an app for...?
TZB is an app for a while.

Could I post a selfie?
Not on TZB.

Could I interact with other socials?
Not, only with a single human being.


info [at] tazebaoapp [dot] com